blushingxx-deactivated20131127 asked:Hi thanks for being alive love you bye

Sure thanggggggg boo ;*

itstimetosmilee asked:i miss u best tumblr friend <3

Miss youuuuuu :( Someone’s birthdays soooooooooon!!!!

Anonymous asked:I was wondering what you use for your eyebrows? and do you do make up tutorials? if not you should your make up looks great!

I use Mac’s fluidline in the color ‘dipdown’ :) Sometimes I switch and use Mac’s eyebrow pencil in the color ‘stud’ too but it’s normally ‘dipdown’ :) Aw thank you! I did a few in the past but I’ve been thinking about doing some lately actually :)

joyyfaith asked:whats's the best way to lighten your hair fast after dying it black? with out going to a salon to do it.

Of course I would recommend going to a professional, but I would do a color balance. Mix lightener & developer together, the higher volume the more likely it will lift & break through that black color but of course it’s more damaging and not 100% guaranteed, then wash that out, condition, and use a conditioning color to put over that. There’s a good chance that you will have to go lighter gradually since you’re starting from black.

be4utybar asked:your theme is beyond perfect!

Thanks love!

california--babe asked:I found your makeup page on instagram and I LOVEE your work(: I want to become a makeup artist when I'm older. I know how to do it on myself but when I do makeup on other people it comes out messed up or uneven. Do you have any makeup tips that helped you?(: Please and thank you. xo

Thanks love! Ah honestly, just keep practicing, I don’t really have anything specific, just practice! Take your time & do it step by step. I feel that when I mastered doing it on myself, I don’t really have much of a problem doing it on others :)

blushingxx-deactivated20131127 asked:wow you're blog is amazing ♥

Thanks love! :)

luxeries asked:your blogss amazingggg babes, check mine out?! xoxo

Is it weird that I was JUST on your page before you sent this?!?!

ungettable asked:you should definitely make youtube vids on your eye make up!<3

Ah I did before :) But so weird, I was thinking about starting to do them again today actually!

georgiape4ch-deactivated2013050 asked:Your eyeliner is amazing, I wish mine turned out as good as yours!

Thank you! :) Aw I’m sure it is!

lushtini asked:Okay! I'm just asking because I absolutely love the last picture you posted with the browns and I've been looking for new quality shadow in brown! I defiantly will go with Mac if that's what you used. I also love your eyebrows, do you use a pencil or shadow? Or both? Sorry for the questions I just love how you do your makeup!

Aw thank you! I really like Soft Brown e/s & Mulch e/s by Mac! In that picture though, I used Naked (from the Urban Decay Naked palette) which is that brown color. And I also used Beauty Marked e/s by Mac & Cassette e/s by Mac but that’s discontinued :/ but it’s just a dark purple-y color.

I use an eyebrow pencil! (‘Stud’ by Mac) Sometimes I set it with a random eyeshadow from Elf just because but normally I don’t.

Don’t be sorry! Ask whatever, I don’t mind :) 

lushtini asked:Your eye make up is always go gorgeous! What do you use for eyeshadow?

Thanks girl! 90% of the time I use Mac, and usually the rest of the time is Urban Decay or Coastal Scents :)

bahamafizzy asked:thats so awesome, i want to go to cosmetology school and your stuff is like what i aspire to be

You’ll love it! :) Aww well thank you again! If you need any help with anything, let me know :)

bahamafizzy asked:wow, you are so talented. your makeup skills are beyond amazing. are you a freelance makeup artist or do you work with a company?

Aw wow, thank you so much! :) I currently freelance at the moment.

luxury-temple asked:So I realized every time I want to learn new make-up techniques, I always keep your blog in mind. You do an amazing work (:

Aw thank you!! I appreciate that! :)